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November 12, 2019

A series of monoytpes, digital photographs and a video, are all part of a series of artworks called "Oblivion". Small size monotypes and digital photos will be shown this December at the Cheap Art exhibition in Athens. 

These series of artworks deal with the e...

October 1, 2019

Μουσείο Γουλανδρή Φυσικής Ιστορίας, Κέντρο ΓΑΙΑ, Κηφισσιά 

Διάρκεια: 12 Οκτωβρίου 2019 - 28 Φεβρουαρίου 2020

Εγκαίνια: Σάββατο 12 Οκτωβρίου από τις 12.00 μέχρι τις 16.00 μ.μ.

Η έκθεση είναι επισκέψιμη Δευτέρα έως Παρασκευή τις ώρες λειτουργίας του Μουσείου.

H επίσκεψ...

February 14, 2019

Exhibition: “Diorama in Art”

2 – 16 November 2018, “House of Cyprus”, Xenofontos Street 2A, Athens 10557

Curators: Fiona Mouzakitis, Despina Stavrou

«Το Διόραμα στην Τέχνη»

Η έκθεση θέλει να αναδείξει την εικαστική χρήση του διοράματος στην δουλειά των συγχρόνων καλλιτεχνώ...

February 14, 2019

 A series of drawings and paintings called "Thalassa", a greek word for the sea.

These artworks were inspired by the summer and endless hours exploring the seabed. They are mixed media paintings with

acrylics, pastels and pencils on heavy paper.  There are a decorat...

February 14, 2019

The exhibition “The book as an artform - Contemporary Artists' Books 2” opens on the 28th of September 2018 at the renovated Old Library of The Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA). The exhibition features 100 contemporary artists and presents 400 artists books in differe...

July 24, 2017

Art and violence. Why artists represent violence and the macabre in their paintings.

July 5, 2017

The last decade there is a steady rise in artist’s residencies. Artists enjoy to work abroad and get in contact with a different art scene and culture. But is it worth to attend an artist residency? 
Most artists believe attending a residency is a positive experience b...

July 5, 2017

The monotype is the simplest printing method, as it does not involve a complicated procedure or the need of a printing studio. The monotype was invented by the Italian artist Castiglione(1610 – 1665). A lot of famous artists created monotypes along their other work, as...